3 Ways To Develop Your Innovation Skills!

Figure 1. Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

1. Be mindful

Be aware of the context, try to observe and take as many feedback as possible. Writing down the ideas can simplify the method. At least, the ideas will be landed to paper and it will be easier to reach them later. Forcing a creative mindset can be hard, but we might sometimes forget that the seed for a solution is a necessity. We must understand how people interact with products, processes or services to let our creativity flourish and come up with interesting solutions. The answer of many unsolved problems is just secretly hidden, and being mindful can ease the seek.

2. Learn to fail… fast and smartly!

Regardless of the effort to develop our innovation skills, setting our own boundaries can be the only thing holding back our potential creativity. Dare to exploit your ideas quickly in order to make the corresponding iterations to evolve. The chances of getting the perfect idea on your first shot are minimum. Remember that you don’t have all the answers, and the users are the ones who can respond to the interaction. This practice will develop the ‘risk-taking’ ability. You gain more insights by failing fast rather than simply thinking ‘what if…?’.

3. Willingness to learn!

Creative people are usually known as the ones who are able to easily link ideas. The more you know about different topics, the linkage will start to come naturally. Typically, they are autodidactic and understand the importance to cherish knowledge. However, it can’t be left aside that only focusing on the topics of interest can sometimes diminish the opportunity to learn about the rest. My recommendation would be to avoid always learning about the same topics and pick a random one once in a while.



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