A child-like personality in a professional world!

Figure 1. Easter Eggs Emoji Version

How to professionally exercise our inner child-like creativity?

1. Use cool innovation methodologies

There are many innovation methodologies that could serve as a tool depending on the stage and complexity of the project. However, in my personal experience, gamification can be way too fun for the one who is developing the idea and additionally for the end user.

2. Brainstorm knowing there is no wrong or right answer

It’s important to have in mind that brainstorming seeks to find ideas in general, not the ‘right’ one. Surprisingly, even crazy ideas can turn to be the best ones. Feel free to share any thoughts that might come to mind during the session.

3. Be willing to discover

Kids start to grow older and their capacity to absorb information and replicate behaviors is amazing. As adults, we should be willing to do the same in a filtered manner. Each one of us has a different ability or method on how to learn. Identify it as soon as possible in order to take advantage of this ability.



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