Burger King: First 100% vegan location!

Andrea Díaz Navarro
2 min readJun 22, 2021


As we know, disruptive ideas could involve a risky path that turns into a success. This time, the ‘King’ has decided to go big and bet for opening its first vegan location in the world. Praising the R&D efforts, they’ve announced last week the opening of a 100% plant-based popup location in Cologne, Germany. Flavors magically resemble to a real meat burger, but its ingredients respect the vegan preferences.

Consumers demand is changing for different environmental, ethical and health reasons. The anticipation for these new behaviors, has let the company reach early adopters from the market. Who would have thought that an international burgers’ company would feature an entire menu without meat? And yes! They even use vegan mayonnaise and ketchup in the original combos, as well as serving dairy-free vegan ice creams as dessert.

For me, this is the perfect example of a victorious application of the 4 P’s: place, price, product, and promotion. Sales of vegan meat alternatives have grown in Germany by an impressive 226% over the past two years to top €181 million (approx. US$218 million) in market value, according to a recent E.U. study. This hard data is completely enough to justify the selection of the right place for the plant-based popup restaurant. Actually, the argument becomes stronger since full-time meat-eaters are now a minority in the country. For example, they would have got the opposite results in Mexico since there is still a high meat preference.

Disruptive innovation shouldn’t sound that crazy if you got the right place, price, product and promotion. These elements can definitely guide the targeting and positioning of a new product or service in any market. Deepening in getting to know your customer and how can you solve their pain, can ease the process of getting to the best solutions. In this case, Burger King dared to reach a new segment in a very strategical way.

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