CAR-board: Cardboard, duct tape and engineers!

Figure 1. Sketching a Car

“What if we build a big axle with a wheel?! Andrea can be inside the axle… and to avoid her spinning out, we can include some bearings!”

As Innovation Engineering students, we chose to knock the trend, try something creative… and it happened! We built our own representation of a car by using its only indispensable parts: axle, wheel and bearings. As you can see in Figure 2, I was INSIDE the axle! Unfortunately, we didn’t win first place, but we won the ‘creative-design’ category which was way more exciting for us.

Figure 2. Car-board (Marian Lozano, Armando Menchaca, Daniela Peña and Andrea Díaz)
  • Instead of thinking about endless possibilities about what might go wrong, it’s really valuable to fail fast and smartly. Prototyping is a great method to understand the iterations that can be executed in order to improve the concept.
  • Focusing on the problem rather than the solution, can guide you to get further since the exploration of the actual necessity presents the ‘pain-points’ needed to be attacked.
  • Random objects can be the inspiration to create something new…even cooking utensils! In this case, as you can see in Figure 2, a roller pin was even more helpful than an actual car to influence the design of our car-board.
Figure 3. Dani’s legs + Andrea’s torso



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