For you… and your best friend!

Andrea Díaz Navarro
2 min readAug 11, 2021


What if I told you that your pet could have an insurance in a blink of an eye? Literally, the process is as easy as ordering pizza! Today, your pet could be fully covered from any accident, disease and even from damages to third parties. How? Kodda.

Kodda is the newest and modern pet insurance that has recently arrived as a strong startup. Their headquarters are proudly located in Monterrey, Mexico. Last week, they announced they’ve been funded by the startup accelerator Y Combinator as part of batch S21. It’s definitely great to see that young entrepreneurs are making a statement by introducing desirable solutions into the market.

This Mexican startup offers a variety of personalized memberships so users can pick out the one that best suits their needs. Their primary coverage includes vet expenses, medical studies, x-rays and pharmaceutics. Additionally, as a member, you have some exclusive benefits: phone or video call assistance, vaccination, bathing and more. All these commodities are included in the subscription which is less than $200 MXN per month! ($10 UDS)

Finding the ‘woof’!

One of the things that will truly help the exploitation for this innovation, is the desirability from the upcoming necessities in the market. Nowadays, people are more aware of the idea of making their pets as ‘part of the family’. The budget intended for this need is gradually increasing over the years. Innovators and entrepreneurs are having a look on this new market to fulfill opportunities with valuable solutions.

Pets are turning into a primary responsibility for the families. Seeking for their well-being is a must, and it demands qualified companies to successfully provide a service in charged of covering those duties. Instead of doing 10 hours of paperwork dealing with brokers and traditional insurance companies, you simply go to the website, get covered in under 90 seconds, claim in minutes and get paid 10x faster.

Let’s stay tuned to discover the take-off for this startup. It’s just the beginning for the Mexican entrepreneurs: Emilio Antun and Mike Alvarado. Go and check out their website to subscribe and enjoy the perfect subscription for you… and your best friend!