Just graduated as a Happiness Engineer!

“Are you kidding me?!? That can’t even be considered as an Engineering. Why didn’t you chose something more interesting and challenging? You will only end up being a ‘Happiness Engineer’…” he said mocking.

I felt exactly the same way as Buzz when Woody tells him that he is only a toy. However, a few seconds were enough for me to analyze it in a positive way, and it was true! I was studying something in which I had the opportunity develop infinite creative skills added up to a variety of methodologies and tools to come up with solutions that tackle real necessities. Amazing! Isn’t it?

Innovation and Development Engineering

There are three main tiers that make up the study plan:

  1. Innovation: Courses to develop creativity and others to learn strategies to exploit ideas including feasibility, viability, innovation methodologies, prototyping, products and services design, etc.
  2. Electives: Since innovation is such a broad field, there is a need to select the area in which we want to specialize. Most of the study plans at my university consider approximately 4–6 electives. Mine considers 24 courses and no, it’s not a typo! There are 24 electives in which we can focus our studies, and I can tell is a value proposition since there is no one with the same profile as we do.
Figure 1. The Innovation’s Dream Team. (Daniela Peña García-Rojas, Andrea Díaz Navarro, Ana Lucía Díaz de León Derby)



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