Plant-based milk made by you!

Figure 1. Numilk
Figure 2. Numilk Home
  • Numilk Pro: Perfect for coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and grocery back-of-house applications. Practically, is the Numilk Home’s industrial version.
  • Numilk Kiosk: Large plant-based milk dispenser installed at grocery stores where users place an empty Numilk glass bottle under a dispenser and choose from a selection of plant-based milks.
Figure 3. Numilk Kiosk (Whole Foods Market, Garden City, NY)

“We built a custom machine for grocery stores where shoppers can make pure, dairy-free milk at the push of a button,” Tolwin said. “The milk has a 7-to-10 day shelf-life and it has to stay in the fridge.”

Design, Development and Value

It is definitely a development that had their persona perfectly defined to be able to understand the existing pains and tackle them in a satisfactory manner. They clearly identified the tendencies of people who are concerned about wellness and ecological issues.

“We took our grocery machine and we shrunk it down so it works on your countertops,” Tolwin said.

Figure 4. Numilk Pouches



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