Plant-based milk made by you!

Andrea Díaz Navarro
3 min readMay 3, 2021

Did you know that now you can make milk from the comfort of your home? Even better! You can now make delicious, nutritious and pure plant-based milks, lattes, and protein shakes at the push of a button. Crazy right!? Numilk is the solution. Check it out!

Figure 1. Numilk

Numilk is the revolutionary way to make a fresh almond or oat milk at the push of a button. There are three different machines to enjoy the rapid and easy experience:

Figure 2. Numilk Home
  • Numilk Home: Clean protein for your workout, a Matcha or Chai latte for the afternoon, or our Moonmilk in the evening… Numilk Home is much more than just a milk machine for your home.
  • Numilk Pro: Perfect for coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and grocery back-of-house applications. Practically, is the Numilk Home’s industrial version.
  • Numilk Kiosk: Large plant-based milk dispenser installed at grocery stores where users place an empty Numilk glass bottle under a dispenser and choose from a selection of plant-based milks.
Figure 3. Numilk Kiosk (Whole Foods Market, Garden City, NY)

“We built a custom machine for grocery stores where shoppers can make pure, dairy-free milk at the push of a button,” Tolwin said. “The milk has a 7-to-10 day shelf-life and it has to stay in the fridge.”

Design, Development and Value

It is definitely a development that had their persona perfectly defined to be able to understand the existing pains and tackle them in a satisfactory manner. They clearly identified the tendencies of people who are concerned about wellness and ecological issues.

Numilk Kiosk is an eco-friendly option for the users since they only spend $2.00 for a reusable Numilk bottle as a one-time charge, and then they’ll spend $3.99 each time they fill the bottle with fresh plant-based milk.

“We took our grocery machine and we shrunk it down so it works on your countertops,” Tolwin said.

Figure 4. Numilk Pouches

After their success at groceries, they took advantage of people’s willingness to personally make their own milk from home and went up with opportunity of designing Numilk Home. Additionally, they paired it up with the Numilk pouches. These contain only the things users actually want in their plant-based milk of choice: organic, pure, whole food ingredients. The Almond pouch, for example, contains only pre-ground organic almonds and Himalayan pink salt.

How it works? Just fill the bottle with water, insert one of Numilk’s convenient pouches, lower the handle, and press start. In less than a minute, with no fuss and no mess, your milk is ready to go!

Currently, Numilk Kiosk is present in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey, while Numilk Home is still raising money for its development (Link below in case you want to help… not sponsored!). Actually, they just landed a $2 million deal from Mark Cuban in Shark Tank. It’s undoubtedly an interesting innovative concept that has the potential to exponentially grow. Who wouldn’t like a plant-based milk made at home?!