The most innovative Games yet!

Andrea Díaz Navarro
3 min readJul 23, 2021


The moment we were all waiting for is finally here… The Olympic Games! Do you know what excites me the most? It’s going to be held in the world’s most innovative city! (Innovation Cities Index, 2021) Athletes from around the globe will give a great showcase as a reflection of their hard work, discipline, and passion. Additionally, innovative solutions will highlight Tokyo’s logistics to amaze the spectators by being the official venue.

During 2019, I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo. Since then, the city was ready to receive all the tourists and athletes from around the world. Banners were e v e r y w h e r e! Literally you could spot them since your arrival at the airport and while walking down at Shibuya. The perfectly organized logistics evoked in me a huge curiosity for the innovative concepts the Japanese people would develop for the Games. Here are a few examples of innovations I found that will be present throughout the big event.

Innovating for the Games!

Robot Project

Service robots, developed by the Toyota Motor Corporation, will be around the stadiums offering stress-free entry/exit and viewing support for wheelchair users by assisting with the delivery of water and guidance to seats.

They will be specifically in the Track and Field (Olympics and Paralympics). Also, this is a great way to avoid personal contact, and avoid spreading the virus.

FSR: Field Support Robot

The FSR Field Event Support Robot is equipped with autonomous functions which will allow it to assist at throwing events at the Olympic Stadium. The robots will determine the optimal path to follow when retrieving items such as hammers or javelins thrown by athletes, while guiding staff along paths to avoid obstacles. It will help reduce the amount of time needed to retrieve items and the amount of human support required at events.

Bedding in the Athletes Village

“The organizing committee was thinking about recyclable items, and the bed was one of the ideas,” Kitajima explained, crediting local Olympic sponsor Airweave Inc. for the execution.

The sleeping equipment had to align with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games’ sustainability plan, which aims to deliver a more sustainable event and showcase innovative concepts and solutions that will have a legacy after the Games.

Logistics and strategic planning are definitely key components to let the Olympic Games flow smoothly. It’s amazing to see the development into all the details that put together this big event. At the end of the day, the examples mentioned are just some of the innovative proposals that will definitely add value for a perfect execution. Lets keep an eye on the different solutions that Japanese might bring to the table and enjoy the Olympic season!