The dream of becoming paperless is impossible for some companies, but achieved by others! Today, I’m proud to have found an entrepreneurship, founded by Gen-Z, with actions that are actually making an ecological statement.

Come Verde is a Mexican brand whose motto is “Healthy and real… that simple!” Their products include puffed corn, amaranth wafers, vegetable chips, dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and others.

All the products are free of preservatives and any artificial ingredients, keeping their main focus: Creating choices that are good for our health and the planet.

Figure 1. Come Verde products

Last week, they announced via TikTok that they’ve reached their objective…

Creativeness and passion has let innovators turn ideas into concepts. Actually, there are many ways to develop a product, but three main elements that could secure its success. Have you ever identified them?

Naturally, innovation can’t be a linear or a completely structured process. Iterations are needed and different problems could pop-up throughout the journey. However, solutions shouldn’t be a problem if three elements are constantly part of the vision: desirability, viability and feasibility. Let me share its importance and how they contribute to boost value into the product.

Desirability + Feasibility + Viability = Innovation!

Figure 1. Desirability, Viability and Feasibility

Remember that a project should be triggered by a necessity in…

Last December I graduated as an Innovation Engineer, and sincerely I was a bit scared about not finding a job in COVID times. I fully trusted my major’s potential and my skills, though I was aware that some companies have reduced their number of employees or slowed down the hiring processes. I previously gained professional experience with my internship and working in my Lean Six Sigma certification project with a company. After graduating, I was looking for a full-time job where I could exploit everything I’ve learned so far. …

What if I told you that your pet could have an insurance in a blink of an eye? Literally, the process is as easy as ordering pizza! Today, your pet could be fully covered from any accident, disease and even from damages to third parties. How? Kodda.

Kodda is the newest and modern pet insurance that has recently arrived as a strong startup. Their headquarters are proudly located in Monterrey, Mexico. Last week, they announced they’ve been funded by the startup accelerator Y Combinator as part of batch S21. …

The moment we were all waiting for is finally here… The Olympic Games! Do you know what excites me the most? It’s going to be held in the world’s most innovative city! (Innovation Cities Index, 2021) Athletes from around the globe will give a great showcase as a reflection of their hard work, discipline, and passion. Additionally, innovative solutions will highlight Tokyo’s logistics to amaze the spectators by being the official venue.

During 2019, I had the opportunity to travel to Tokyo. Since then, the city was ready to receive all the tourists and athletes from around the world. Banners…

As we know, disruptive ideas could involve a risky path that turns into a success. This time, the ‘King’ has decided to go big and bet for opening its first vegan location in the world. Praising the R&D efforts, they’ve announced last week the opening of a 100% plant-based popup location in Cologne, Germany. Flavors magically resemble to a real meat burger, but its ingredients respect the vegan preferences.

Consumers demand is changing for different environmental, ethical and health reasons. The anticipation for these new behaviors, has let the company reach early adopters from the market. Who would have thought…

You’ve seen these boxes everywhere, but… how many times have they really considered your requests?

Definitely suggestion boxes are a great way to gather anonymous feedback, critics, and even ideas. There is a clear necessity to find an alternative to somehow hear what your employees want to say. Deficiencies have been present on this outdated method baking away valuable input from employees, customers, and partners. Without going around the topic, here are some concrete reasons why they fail:

  • Lack of follow-up: If employees feel you’re not going to seriously consider or implement their ideas, they are unlikely to participate actively…

Your business needs to be agile enough and adapt to the new requirements and behaviors from each generation! Where to start? Here’s my opinion, advice and even international experience on how to approach to my age group!

I bet you’ve heard about the common saying: “Starbucks has never just sold coffee. Starbucks has always sold an experience, with coffee adjacent.” What do you think? I do agree. What I see is a service that sells an experience, status and commodity. The thing is that their differentiator can’t be targeted to every single segment in the market. For example, you wouldn’t…

Did you know that now you can make milk from the comfort of your home? Even better! You can now make delicious, nutritious and pure plant-based milks, lattes, and protein shakes at the push of a button. Crazy right!? Numilk is the solution. Check it out!

Figure 1. Numilk

Numilk is the revolutionary way to make a fresh almond or oat milk at the push of a button. There are three different machines to enjoy the rapid and easy experience:

Maybe it’s a stereotype to think that Asia is the most futuristic and innovation driven continent… but what are they doing different from Western countries to stand out?

It’s well known that the Eastern culture is constantly compared with the Western one. In fact, there are some studies that analyzed the business approach to understand their respective behavior when facing their corresponding market. According to a recent study from the Danish University Foundation, there are four main elements that contribute to the Asian technique when creating a new business:

  • Suitable: Products fit customers budgets and needs precisely.
  • Letting go: Asian…

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